Searching for Pre-2004 Members

Pre-2004 Members — The Search is On!!

Rockbridge Foods Co-op is excited about beginning to live into the corporate part of our legal structure, but before we leap into our future we want to honor our past and gather all those who want to continue as a part of this community endeavor.

All our original/official lists have been lost, but we have cobbled together a list of approximately 700 people who were affiliated with and may have been members in the Co-op sometime between 1987 and 2004.  If you were a member at that time, you bought what was called a Fairshare.  Fairshares have since been voided and discontinued.  If you owned a Fairshare, you are entitled to 1 (one) share of common stock in the Rockbridge Food Cooperative, Inc.

For more information, please click here, or go to the “Pre-2004 Members Stock Options” tab in the menu bar!


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