Sale, New Hours, and Annual Meeting Information


The Annual Meeting will be held on Friday, February 19 at the Parish Hall of the RE Lee Memorial Episcopalian Church.  Child care will be provided by Brandy Thompson from 7:00pm – 10:00pm for children 2 years and older.

The schedule and agenda are as follows:

6:00 pm Potluck Dinner (Plates, cups, silverware, napkins, coffee, and water provided)

7:00 pm Business Meeting

I.  President’s Address

II.  Financial Report

III.  Election
Number:  The Board shall consist of from seven (7) to nine (9) Directors           .

 Section 7.              Vacancies
Vacancies on the Board shall be filled by a vote of a majority of Board members in attendance at a properly constituted meeting.  The Board member so elected shall hold office until the next Annual or Special Meeting.

IV.  Voting
During the past year, 3 vacancies were filled.  The 3 candidates seek approval and election for the following terms.

Hunter Mohring – 1 year
Michael Todd –     1 year
Art Goldsmith –    3-year term

With these 3 candidates elected the board will have a minimum of 7 members.Because the organization is phasing out, and the process of closing is in motion and fairly straight forward, the current board is suggesting that we consider not adding new members. However, if there is a desire to add a 8th and 9th member, nominations may be made from the floor.

V.  Imagining the Future
There will be a short time and resources to help people with mutual interests and energies get together.

8:15 pm Square Dance
Please RSVP to

Submit Your Ideas for Imagining the Future

Please submit ideas at the suggestion box at the register in the store and/or on the covered magnetic board near the cheese display.  The board will review and organize the ideas for the Imagining the Future part of the Annual Meeting.


TO: All the people who love and care for Healthy Foods Co-op

FROM: Hunter Mohring, President of the board

December 29, 2015


After 43 years, Rockbridge Food Cooperative (trading as Healthy Foods Coop) is going out of business. Like all organic things on this earth, it has its seasons of birth, growth, flower and/or fruit, and fading. The varying supplies of sun, soil, water, and air as well as the other forms of life surrounding it have affected its ability to thrive and/or survive. And even if everything had gone its way, the mysteries hidden in time would one day take its toll and it would be time to return to the soils from which it came. For Healthy Foods, that time is now.

One of the original goals of Healthy Foods was to create a demand for whole and healthy foods in a world that was moving more and more towards chemicals and preservatives. At the same time little groups all over the world sprouted up and together we succeeded at creating such a demand for safe and wholesome food that it is now a worldwide business.

So in a way our very successes have brought with them the changes that will nudge us into the past.  Today’s worldwide marketplace has made it increasingly difficult for small stores like Healthy Foods to purchase and sell products at competitive prices. Much larger franchises have set their sights on organics. Their buying power has made it impossible for us to continue as a sustainable enterprise.

Although our hours may vary, Healthy Foods will remain open during most of January as we sell the remaining inventory and other assets/equipment. While that’s happening, if any of our customers would like to make special, by-the-case orders, please inquire. Volunteers for packing up and moving equipment will be needed as we approach closing our doors for the last time. And – if nothing else, we hope you’ll come by for a memorial walk through. We have a lot of remembering to do.

For those with warm feelings for the space and an appreciation for the food from the Counter-Culture Café, there is hope. Chef and café manager, Amenie Hopkins is vigorously exploring the possibility of keeping the café going. She is searching for funding and other forms of help to convert her life-long dream into a reality. So watch this space.

One more thing: It is impossible to express – in quantity or quality – all the gratitude we feel for all the time, talent, energy, and support that have made these 43 years possible. This sequential gathering of people and purpose has changed the world. Bless us all, every one.